The FA introduced the Respect programme in 2008 to help address poor practice and behaviour at all levels of the game.
Ensuring that the programme is successful is the responsibilty of everyone involved in football.
At Junior football this has seen the introduction of some basic measures to ensure that children and young people taking part are  in a safe and enjoyable environment.
(This relates to young match officials, coaches, players and spectators)
These include:-
Designated Spectator area –  A pitch side barrier in place to allow the spectators to view the match.
This should be about 2 metres from the touchline and spectators should not cross it.(A suitably marked line can also be used as an alternative).
Clubs as well as the individuals concerned are responsible for the spectators & officials behaviour,
Spectators  should be supportive and applaud play, they should refrain from coaching as this can be confusing to the players.
Coaches/Managers – Must stand on the opposite stand to the spectators, a maximum of two managers/coaches per team.
They should be easily identifiable.
Smoking – is not permitted within the vicinity of youth football,  this includs the use of e-cigarettes.
Link to the RESPECT information on the FA site Click here
Link to FA Website showing success of the RESPECT Programme dated 2014 – Click here
FA Touchline types programme October 2014  – Click here
* The above advice is in addition to FA Law, League Constitution, Charter Standard codes, & Criminal Law if appropriate in the case of serious misbehaviour *


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