This Directory is where all Managers &  Club Secretaries details are provided.

Update 14/8/16

The Pin Point Recruitment Junior Football League is pleased to announce that our new contacts Directory is now live

To access the directory – Click here 

Previous Directory – Why has the League changed it ?

We are aware that the previous directory had a few technical issues which caused it to crash, it was also susceptible to spam attacks.

Much of the information was not updated by managers and this created a lot of extra work, inconvenience and expense for others.

We are changing to help everyone reduce the time they spend on administration.

What makes the new directory better ?

It is fresher and cleaner with a bright new look.

Clubs will be able to show even more information if they wish.

Our Club Links section has been removed allowing our member Clubs to show their most up to date information within the directory including their own website.

It is another way in which Clubs can be advertised openly to recruit volunteers and players.

The directory has been used and tested by other large leagues for some time and they have found it very helpful.

(You may find some of the roles & terminology within the contacts directory different to that used by our league, this will be amended in due course).

How does it work ?

When your Club is registered with our League please request that your Club Secretaries details are placed onto the directory.

Your Club Secretary will receive an automated e mail giving details of the Club’s username and password.

If you can not understand the password please copy and paste it. (Sometimes it may be difficult to determine if the characters are numbers or letters)

This allows the Club Secretary to update all the relevant information i.e Club Website & social media, Club Secretary &  Team managers contact information.

  • We are not asking for players details to be recorded on this system*
  • If a Club Secretary has difficulty in attaching a good copy of their Club logo, please mail the image to the address below and we will support them in this.
  • If the message is not received please check your spam folder, alternatively the Secretary can request an automated reminder at anytime via the directory without contacting the League. (see section at the top of the directory)
  • If your Club Secretary has changed they can pass the login details to the new Secretary who can then amend the information themselves. If this is not practicable please contact the league to amend.

Can other information be entered ? 

Yes, Clubs may find it useful to enter other info such as welfare officer, team colours, pitch locations & Club logo.

This will hopefully save Clubs & the League time and expense in finding the information.

Some Clubs have match arrangers in addition to Managers, there is  a facility within the system which allows this, some Clubs already have these shown.

Is this not a lot of work for the Club Secretary ?

The Secretary can provide the Club username & password to anyone thought appropriate to carry out the inputting.

Once inputted the information may not need to amended for a long time e.g Secretary details / website.


Our Club is not shown / there is no Secretary shown what can we do ?

If you have registered your Club for the current season and submitted the appropriate forms  please send an e mail to the address below with the name and e mail address of the Club Secretary only and the information will be added and as soon as practicable the account details and password will be sent out to the Secretaries e mail.

If your Club or team changes it’s name this can be amended by the Club Secretary (or representatives).

I do not want my details displayed on the contacts directory.

Please discuss this with your Club Secretary to overcome this issue.

Do I need a password to access the Directory ?

No, only if you wish to change some information, Club Secretaries have the access code.

Where can I find additional info about using the new directory ?

See PDF – Click here 


How can a Club Secretary get  support re setting up / maintaining the system

Please do not contact the League office if you need assistance, you should e mail   

  • If you can not find a team contact please do not contact us, but direct all your enquiries to the relevant Club


Details may also be found in the County FA handbooks provided to each Club and also available online.

Northumberland FA – Click here

Durham FA – Click here


Twitter Clubs can use the following hash tags on their twitter accounts to advertise availability /looking for the below – #pprjflref #pprjflfriendly #pprjflmanager #pprjflplayer

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