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Our Central venues

See below the venue maps for general information that may be of interest.


Walker Technology College

Benfield Sports Centre

Goals Gosforth Park Newcastle.

Cramlington Sporting Club


General Information


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Weather & Travel news.

Postponement of central venue matches.

On very rare occasions we may postpone matches, and the below information is given to help those affected.

We provide these venues which are playable in most conditions, clubs should presume that they will operate unless we notify people otherwise.

We do this via our social media platforms which can be viewed via this website even if people do not have SM accounts themselves.

We will consider the circumstances at the venue (usually the weather) travelling conditions bearing in mind some teams do travel considerable distances.

The weather conditions where you are based may well be completely different to those at the centres.

We do have representatives residing close to the venues who will be consulted and we consider the Met office forecasts when making the decisions.

We may also consult staff at the venues.

League representatives at each venue will consider local weather & travelling conditions and may feel that due to unforeseen changes the matches need to be delayed / postponed etc.

We also consider the effects upon the young players due to sudden downpours etc and may delay matches due to this allowing people to shelter.

All our venues have places to shelter and refreshments are available as well as car parks on hard surfaces close by.

They are also located near to main roads.

Our website provides links to weather & travel information.

If a Club Secretary believes that their local conditions are too dangerous to allow people to travel please inform the league and your opposition ASAP. See League rules Click here

Our primary concern will always be  safety.

Please remember this is a winter sport played in the North East of England and ensure your players are dressed appropriately.

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