Central Venues – Supporting our Clubs

The Pin Point Recruitment Junior Football League is keen to work with our member Clubs to ensure that players are registered and are therefore covered for insurance and playing in the correct age group.

Managers are reminded that they must carry the the players ID cards with them at all matches, if they do not have the cards the players must not participate.

Cards must be exchanged with the opposition,at each and every match.

In addition all teams must have a fully equipped first aid bag with them at all matches, and a qualified first aider in attendance.

** League officials will check all players cards at our central venues for every team during the next few weeks, and will then carry out spot checks to ensure fairness thereafter. **

Check out the league rules for information regarding player cards – Click here 

If Managers have any queries re this they are asked to read the league rules, and if additional clarification is needed speak to their Club Secretary.

       ‘Lets make football safe not sorry’

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